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Non-Business Course Opportunities for MBAs

Non-Business Course Opportunities for MBAs

(Partially updated November 27, 2013)

MBA students may complete up to ten credit hours of graduate-level courses in other units at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor while enrolled in the MBA program.  Consequently, other graduate programs on the U of M Ann Arbor campus notify us from time to time of courses which may be of particular interest to Ross students.  We encourage you to explore them as ways to enhance your experience at Michigan.  To find other graduate-level courses not listed below, please visit the Rackham website, select a Program of Study and review the offerings under the Courses tab.

Please be aware that the listings and links below are posted as a courtesy, and that it is recommended that you obtain the most up-to-date course information by consulting the Schedule of Classes or contacting the School/College through which the course is offered.  Keep in mind that you may also need instructor permission to enroll in non-Business school classes.

College of Architecture & Urban Planning

Law School

  • LAW 746: Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions. [NOTE: This 'Tax Law' class does NOT satisfy the MBA requirement for a business law or ethics course.]

School of Information

  • SI 510: Data Security and Privacy:  Legal, Policy, and Enterprise Issues

Visit the School of Information website for course course catalog information and terms offered.

School of Public Policy

* Note: Some seats are being set aside so that non-Ford School students do not need special permission to enroll.


Survey Methodology


School of Public Health

Visit the School of Public Health website for course course catalog information and terms offered.


School of Social Work

  • SW 651: Planning for Organizational and Community Change
  • SW 660: Managing Projects and  Organizational Change
  • SW 661: Budgeting and Fiscal Management
  • SW 662:  Management of Information Systems in Human Service Agencies
  • SW 663:  Grant-getting, Contracting and Fund Raising
  • SW 664:  Management of Human Resources
  • SW 665:  Executive Leadership and Organizational Governance

Visit the School of Social Work website for course descriptions and terms offered.

Sports Management Graduate Courses

  • KINESLGY 506: Managing a Professional Sports Franchise. 2 credits.
  • KINESLGY 509: Financial Management for the Sport Industry. 3 credits. 
  • KINESLGY 513: Sport Economics.  1-3 credits.
  • KINESLGY 550: Marketing Management for the Sport Industry. 3 credits.

Visit the School of Kinesiology website for course descriptions and terms offered.

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If you have had a graduate class from another school on campus, and would like us to list it here, please e-mail the Ross Registrar's Office at with the specific course number and school.  We'd be happy to add other classes to this web page.