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Fall 2014 Registration Updates

Notable Changes for Fall 2014:

  • The LHC subject area has been separated into two new subject areas: Business Communication (BCOM) and Business Law (BL). Please note that the only LHC course which will be undergoing a catalog number change as well as a subject area change is LHC 412, which will become BA 476. All other LHC courses will keep their catalog number (e.g., LHC 305 will become BL 305 and LHC 522 will become BCOM 522).
  • Some 300-level BBA electives will be renumbered to 400-level courses. This change is due to the addition of the Master of Management program and will not alter the difficulty of the course. The following Fall 2014 classes will be renumbered from a 300-level to a 400-level course: FIN 314 (415), FIN 380 (480), MKT 308 (408), MKT 318 (418), and TO 311 (411).

Financial Holds:

Students with financial holds will not be able to enroll in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2014 courses until their hold has been cleared. Please check your Student Center in Wolverine Access to verify that you have no holds on your account.

International Students:

Click this link to submit a request for an OPT or H-1B Verification Letter from Ross Academic Services.

Graduate Students: It's registration time!

Registration for Fall 2014 is here! Schedule an appointment with a Graduate Academic Advisor to talk about your course schedule and planning for a successful second year! Be sure to also review the Registration Information webpage for information on registration timelines.  

Undergraduate Students: Prepare for Fall!


ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: Registration for Fall 2014, as well as Spring and Summer 2014, is happening! Schedule an appointment now to meet with your Academic Advisor to talk through the courses and plan that will best help you meet your goals! Be sure to also review the Registration Information webpage for your student type for details on dates and times. As you are thinking about Ross Electives, view a recording of the BBA Course Electives Panel here.

Walk-In Advising:

  • Winter Garden: Tuesday, April 15 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • E2420: Every Monday - Friday from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.