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Research Computing

What we can do for you

The Research Computing team provides extensive support for the research needs of faculty and PhD students. Services include providing access to data sets, financial data retrieval, programming development, statistical consultation, research computer account administration, research software support, and individual training as well as workshops and online help resources.

Our specialists can assist you with your teaching or research project in such areas as statistical consulting, data retrieval, computing programming, the use of our research computing hardware environment, and on the use of some of the more common statistical packages (such as SAS and SPSS).

The research computing environment consists of several high-performance servers in a grid configuration running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These systems are designed to run computationally intensive numerical calculations as well as large scale statistical applications. All nodes are connected to the Business School main network and, in turn, to desktop computers located in offices here, at home, and around the world. Available software includes mathematical and statistical software, compilers and development tools, and internet tools.

Software/Data Acquisition

In cases where the collection of programs and data sets does not satisfy a research need, faculty and PhD students can submit requests for additions to the RC environment.

All requests will be handled as follows:
  1. Receive request
  2. Conduct an Interest Survey among Faculty & PhD students.
  3. Analyze survey results and take appropriate actions
Actions taken conform to the following guidelines:
  • Little or no response to survey
    The Requestor will need to come up with funding.
  • Moderate to Strong response to survey, concentrated in few departments
    The interested departments, along with the Requestor, will need to come up with funding. Research Computing can help with the negotiation of cost-sharing if desired.
  • Moderate to Strong response to survey spread over all departments
    Computing Services and/or the Kresge Library will contribute some or all of the funding and help build a cost-sharing plan for the remainder.
The threshold of response required to attain the categories Little, Moderate and Strong varies directly with the cost of the software/dataset. That is, the higher the cost the higher the category cut-offs.

In all cases, if the data/software is funded, Computing Services and/or the Kresge Library will make the purchase, and install, maintain, and support the software or data set.

Research Assistance Services

Statistical Consulting

  • Selection of methodology methods and statistical software packages
  • Interpretation of statistical data and computational results
  • Methodological and quantitative analysis, including statistical modeling

Data Retrieval

  • Retrieve data from subscription data sets using WRDS or locally developed computer programs, scripts, etc. and coordinated with the Kresge Library as part of the Faculty Research Service.
  • Perform data manipulation to merge and edit data from subscription, custom or self-collected data sources.

Computer Programming

  • Develop specialized computer programs for data extraction and analysis, data manipulation and statistical analysis.
  • Assist with SAS macro programming for data extraction from WRDS.

Training and Support

  • Provide instruction and access support for research databases and statistical software programs.
  • Help transferring of data between applications, platforms and external systems.
  • Provide individual training and trouble-shooting.
  • Provide regular workshops

Additional Services

Research Business Office Services
Kresge Library Faculty Research Services
  • Literature and citation searches
  • Data retrieval
  • Information compilation on companies industries and topics.