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Audio/Visual Production

We have extensive experience with event productions and various forms of media to enhance marketing, promotion, academics, instruction, training, outreach, etc. We can help you develop your concept and suggest creative and cost-effective solutions that will deliver your message to your audience. We will be your partner, whether your project is an event recording, a brief video clip or a complex multimedia production.

What exactly is multimedia and how can it help you? Multimedia is a computer-based interactive communications process that combines text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. Multimedia grabs and keeps attention in a way that the printed word does not, whether that be in advertising or learning. Why should you care? A "Digital Native" is a person who has grown up with digital technology, such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones, iPods and YouTube. The majority of the audiences you want to reach and engage with are Digital Natives. Students entering Ross in the 21st century are all Digital Natives.

Professional graphic design, animation, audio, and video services - multimedia -- are available using state-of-the art cameras, lighting, sound gear, graphics, music libraries, and editing software systems. We provide broadcast-quality video for delivery on DVD, CD, and over the Internet.

Event & Conference Video Production

Event coverage is one of our specialties. Our event production services can help you reach a broader audience within and outside the School, both during and after the event itself. Video capture and streaming is a base technology designed into all of the Ross classrooms, as well as in Blau Auditorium and the Colloquium where the majority of speaking events and conferences are held. Video production can happen as an unattended aspect of your event - you control the video recording from the lectern in the classroom - or we can assist in the process by controlling all aspects from our central Control Booth.

Our services include: single or multi-camera; lighting and audio control; remote locations; overflow handling; live and on-demand web streaming; and all event related media management and coordination. Our multi-camera coverage meets professional broadcast standards, which is a requirement for airing lectures and events on the Michigan Channel. The high-quality video we capture can also be integrated with additional interview videos, photos, graphics and sound to create customized marketing pieces to promote future events.


Webinars - Delivering your Interactive Event to a Remote Audience

Webinars are live, web-based, interactive training or information sessions that your audience accesses from their computer using a standard web browser. Webinars allow you to reach a wider audience, making presentations available to those not able to attend. These interactive sessions allow you to present as you would in a normal classroom setting, distribute handouts at points during your session, and answers questions that have been submitted in advance or during the presentation. Links to past webinars can be posted for those who were unable to attend the live webinar and/or for participants who want access to the presentation again for future reference.

Our services include: Pre-event consultation to ensure you have all the technical components in place for an outstanding online experience; Webcasting services for live or on-demand viewing; Post-event reports that show you exactly how effective your Webinar was in reaching your audience; Conversion of your webinar to podcast or published to CD or DVD; Registration capabilities to allow access to registered users only; Search indexing for metadata, slide content and video.

Our webinar solution is MediaSite from Sonic Foundry.


Promotion and Marketing Video

We have extensive experience creating video to enhance your marketing, promotion, and outreach. We can help you develop your concept and suggest creative and cost-effective solutions that will deliver your message to your audience. We have a fully equipped studio with various backgrounds, special lighting, acoustically designed audio booth for voiceover work, Teleprompters, and a "green screen" that can put you anywhere in the world. We can also shoot at the location(s) of your choice. We also have a music library of nearly three hundred CDs with royalty free titles.

Our services include: Production assistance from concept to site selections to storyboarding; video production and editing; graphics and animation; special video effects and transitions; lighting, specialized equipment suited for remote locations; music selection; and duplication.


Interactive Tools for Teaching

We can help you extend the power of video into the classroom, with projects ranging from bringing in guest lecturers via videoconferencing to creating video-based simulations and interactive tools for teaching and research. We can also support you in creating your own video for classroom or research projects through our Multimedia Lab and the loan of digital video cameras and various other media equipment.


Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab, located in the Student Business Center, provides faculty and students access to specialized software to incorporate rich digital media into teaching and learning experiences, and particularly into student led projects, reports, club activities and similar. The lab is equipped with special computer stations with video and audio capture and editing software, scanners and media conversation equipment. Workstations can be reserved for 3-hour blocks of time through iMpact's Student Room Reservations.

We have a limited number of lightweight digital video cameras and tripods for short-term loan using iMpact's Equipment Loans. A Firewire card and cable are included with the camera to import video onto your laptop.

Why settle for the typical PowerPoint presentation when you can WOW your audience with video? And best of all, you can even include those videos in your PowerPoint presentation!

Media Distribution and Duplication

Do you want to web stream your event live?
Or do you want to only allow viewing after the fact to make sure your live audience is as full as possible?
Do you want to allow anyone in the world to watch?
Or do you want your event restricted to just Ross or UM constituents?
Do you want members of your web audience to be part of the conversations?
All of this is possible, as is more custom services to meet your needs.
Do you need a post-production Podcast for your CTools site, web site or iTunes U library?
We can reproduce your video in a variety of video and audio formats.

Perhaps you would prefer to distribute your video via DVD or CD-ROM? We are experts in delivering video and audio in any format you need. We can author DVDs or provide consultation on the best format for web or interactive presentations. We can create lower volume (~10-20) copies of your CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes. We can recommend vendors who can accommodate larger volume duplication needs. We need to ask you to address copyright issues before projects can be accepted. Please note that video editing is not included in this direct duplication service.

Our team can provide video editing services, including direct video clipping of commercials or other broadcasts.