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What is a Uniqname?

It is your personal identifier that you will use to log into many UM online services. It is also part of your email address, which uses the format uniqname@umich.edu. Uniqname is pronounced "unique name."

What is Kerberos?

Kerberos is a computer network authentication protocol.  (That's tech speak for "password.")  It's the password you'll use with your uniqname.

What is my Uniqname and Kerberos password good for?

Many, many University-specific online services and applications, including:

  • iMpact Webportal
  • CTools
  • Wolverine Access
  • UM Google Apps (gmail, etc.)
  • Research Databases
  • Ross Wireless Networks
  • Ross Printing
  • iMpact MySite
  • Office Communicator/LiveMeeting

Changing your Passwords

A good password is one that is changed regularly. You can change your password quickly, at any time, by visiting this link.  Once you do this, it may take some time for the change to cycle through each service.  If you cannot immediately use your new password, please give it a few minutes and try again.