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Room Controls

Ross Building Crestron Control

At the top of the screen, you will see a series of controls.

Starting from the left:

    Shut Down: Logs off of the Crestron, Computer and shuts down projectors, screens, etc. in the room.

    Log Out: Logs you out of the Crestron and the Computer but leaves projectors, etc. on.

    Lights and Shades: Controls the room lighting and shades.

    Projector Mute: Mutes the selected projector. Red indicates the projector is muted.


On the left and right of the screen you will see the volume controls.

    Program Volume: Controls the Audio Level for the computer, DVD player, laptop and a video conference, if one is taking place.

    Voice Volume: Controls the Audio Level for the Microphone.


In the center of the screen you will see the Sources and Profile controls.

    Sources: Lets you select the source you wish to use and project.

    Profiles: Faculty, Staff and PhDs can create and utilize profiles when they login to the system.


At the bottom portion of the screen you will see the Preview Tabs.

    Preview Tabs: Lets you preview what is showing on the LeP and Right Monitors and the LeP and Center Projectors. To enlarge screen for ease in viewing, select the tab that you want to view and then tap the window to enlarge.


Wyly Hall Crestron Control

At the top and bottom portions of the screen you will see the lighting and podcast controls.

    Lighting Control: Lets you select 3 lighting options in the room.

    Podcast: This area is used for making audio recording and requires the use of the rooms lapel microphone.


At the right and left of the screen you will see series of important controls.

Starting from the top left:

    Exit: Shuts down the projectors, puts up the screens and exits the Crestron Control Panel.
    NOTE: This does not log off of the computer.

    Projector: Lets you turn the projector on/off and mute the image displayed.

    Screen: Lets you put the projector screen up or down.

    Volume: Lets you control audio levels for the system and the microphone.

And to the right:

    Source Buttons: Lets you select which source you would like to project and will bring up sub menus that contain operation controls.


In the center of the screen you will see the sub menus.

    Sub menus: This area displays the menu options for whichever button you have pressed.