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Request or Reactivate your Uniqname

Faculty and Staff choose their uniqname as part of the hiring process.

New students obtain a uniqname by completing the following uniqname request process through ITCS.

Reactivate a Uniqname

Even if you already have a uniqname from the University of Michigan, you will still need to complete the uniqname request process in order to re-activate your existing uniqname services.

In the process, the system will identify your existing uniqname. You will not be able to create a new uniqname. You will have an opportunity to change your password.

Request a Uniqname

You will keep your uniqname for life, so choose it wisely.

Here are the things you will need to begin the uniqname request process:

  • Your UMID, which is found in your Admissions letter. 
  • Your One-Time Identifier (OTID), which is the ten-character OTID sent to you after you returned your enrollment form.
If you do not have your OTID and it has been at least two weeks since you mailed your enrollment form, contact the ITCS Campus Support Desk.

Once you have created a uniqname, please be sure to continue the process to create the password at that time. If you create a uniqname then stop the process before creating a password, you will need to call the ITCS Accounts office to set your password.

Your One-Time ID can only be used once to successfully create one uniqname. In case of system failure, you can re-use the same OTID until you successfully complete the process.

If you have misplaced your OTID, policies do not allow ITCS to reissue an OTID via email. Students must call 734.764.8000, option #1 to get an OTID reissued.