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Who to Call for What?

Need Help?

For issues surrounding technology in the classroom, call Classroom Support.

For all other hardware and/or software related issues, contact Ross IT Support

Classroom Support Ross IT Support
(734-61) 5-7274 (734-61)5-3000
RossClassroomSupport@umich.edu RossITSupport@umich.edu


Other Helpful (Non-Computing) Contacts

For What? Who to Call?
General Facility Issues 734.764.1364 | RossOperations@umich.edu
Library Database Instruction Sally Ziph | sweston@umich.edu | 734.764.5532
CTools, Canvas, and Coursepacks Ross Contact: KBALCurric@umich.edu
University Contact: ctools-support@umich.edu
Intellectual Properties and/or Copyright Issues Corey Seeman | cseeman@umich.edu | 734.764.9969
M-Pathways 734.936.7000 | mpathwayshelpdesk@umich.edu