Michigan Ross iMpact

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Classroom Software

Updated (11/28/2011)

Application Name Version
7-Zip 9.2
Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10
Adobe Distiller X 10
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 2 9
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Reader X 10
Adobe Shockwave Player 11
Crystal Ball 11.1.2
eVal3 3
Internet Explorer 9
iTunes 10.4
Mozilla Firefox 5
Java Runtime Environment SE 6
Microsoft Lync 2010
Microsoft Expression 3
Microsoft Forefront 2010
Microsoft Office Suite Professional 2010
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.6
Palisade Decision Tools
(@RISK, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, StatTools, TopRank)
Prowess 4
QuickTime 7.7
Sawtooth Software 3.2.0
SPSS PASW Statistics 19
Stratsim 5.0
Windows Media Player 12.0
Marketing Engineering 1.6

Requesting Software

The software in the Computing Lab is changed on a once-per-term cycle, prior to every 14-week term.

Faculty members can request changes for the upcoming semester by emailing the Helpdesk.

It is important to make requests prior to the semester needed. Faculty are responsible for providing adequate lead-time to obtain licensing, perform testing, etc. for the necessary changes to be made to the lab/classroom environments for their respective courses.

Our staff will accommodate only minor changes (such as add-ons) to the environment during a 14-week course cycle.