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Break-out Study Rooms

Small study and group-work rooms are available for use throughout the Ross and Wyly buildings. Rooms may be reserved using iMpact's room reservation wizard, where you can browse for available rooms.
Each room contains a large wall-mounted flat screen plasma monitor, to which you may connect a laptop or use the in-room PC with the wireless mouse and keyboard. Rooms also feature white boards and ample power outlets.


Room Instructions

Checking In

In addition to reserving a room using the iMpact room reservation wizard, you will need to "check-in" to the room once you arrive. If you do not "check-in" to the room within 10 minutes of the reservation's start time, the room will be made available to others. This policy is in response to student requests for a better study room management system that encourages efficient use so that study rooms don't sit empty.

To check in to the room after your arrival:

  1. Activate/wake the in-room PC so it displays on the wall mounted monitor. (If necessary, see “Using the Built-In Computer” below for guidance on getting the PC to show.)
  2. Using the wireless mouse, double-click the “Room Check-In” icon near the top-left corner of the monitor. A new window will appear.
  3. Enter the uniqname of the person who made the reservation or any named attendee, and then click the “Check-In” button.


Using the Monitor

  • The monitor will show a green light when fully powered on and in use, no light when turned off, and a red light when in standby.
  • If you have difficulty waking the monitor from standby, press the ‘Power’ button located under the light to turn the monitor off and back on again.
  • Refer to the illustrations at right to locate the 'Power' and/or 'Input' buttons as referred to here and below.

Connecting a Laptop

  • Connect the VGA or mini display port cable to your laptop.
  • Use the ‘Input’ button to cycle the input to “PC” if using the VGA cable, or “DIGITAL 1” if using the mini display port cable (Ross rooms only).
  • If the laptop does not display and the monitor is set to the correct input, try:
    • Windows: Press ‘Fn’ + ‘F5’ or ‘F8’ (on most laptops).
    • Mac: Open ‘System Preferences’ and go to ‘Displays’. Set it to “mirror.”

Using the Built-In Computer

  • Press the ‘Input’ button and cycle to “INPUT 2A" (Ross) or "HDMI-1" (Wyly).
  • Move the mouse or tap the keyboard to wake the computer and display.
  • When finished, be sure to log out of any active windows (such as email). Simply closing the window may not log you out.
  • In some cases the PC may have been powered off by the last user. This will be evident if you cannot get the PC to display even after following the steps above. Simply press the Power button on the bottom of the PC to power it back on.


Finding Help

For technology related issues, contact the Ross Helpdesk.

For questions or concerns regarding the check-in policy, contact the New Building Student Communication Task Force.



Troubleshooting the Monitor

The video below shows a few quick things to check if the in-room monitor is not displaying anything upon your arrival. Click here to watch the video in a full window.








Monitor Panel in Ross Study Rooms

Monitor Panel in Wyly Study Rooms
(Configuration 1)

Monitor Panel in Wyly Study Rooms
(Configuration 2)