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Behavioral Lab

The Ross Behavioral Lab accommodates a variety of innovative human behavior experiments in areas such as marketing and decision science, strategy, teamwork, and leadership. Within the lab, Ross researchers conduct traditional computer and paper-based experiments, as well as focus groups and taste test studies. Behavioral Lab facilities include an observation and recording room, making it an ideal environment for research on interpersonal communication or small group dynamics.

The Behavioral Lab is used by faculty and PhD students to conduct studies on human behavior. It has three rooms: one large office and two small break-out rooms. All are equipped with a mobile video camera with zoom capability and can record and store data in VHS or DVD formats. The large room has a projector and screen. Additional equipment includes 15 laptop computers which may be used in the lab. From filling out surveys to working in interdependent groups, a wide variety of studies may be conducted in the lab.

The Behavioral Lab has four areas for conducting studies and an observation area available for study oversight. All rooms are internet connected enabling the use of the RSB Qualtrics survey tool.

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