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How to Use Podcasts (Kresge & Wyly)

Where Can I Use Podcast Recording?

Podcast Recording is available in the Wyly and Kresge classrooms. In the new Ross building, use the Mediasite system instead.

Creating a Podcast Recording

1. Beginning the Recording

Put on the lavaliere microphone and turn it on. On the bottom of the Crestron screen, in the Podcast area, choose Start. When you are done with your Podcast, choose Stop.

2. Accessing the Podcast

Podcasts are automatically saved to our Network. Look for the folder with the room name under R:\\Audio.

3. Distributing the Podcast

Podcasts in the Network folder can be uploaded to CTools. Note: Podcasts will remain in the folder for only two weeks and then will be deleted. Podcasts in the Network folder also cannot be accessed by students. Because of this, uploading podcasts to CTools (rather than posting its network location) is the recommended way to share them.

Requesting Training

If you have any questions about lecture capture, or would like to meet with someone to go over how everything works, please send an email to the Ross Helpdesk.