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Using Mediasite in the Classroom

The Mediasite technology was built into the Ross building during it's construction, and was added to the Executive Education building (EE) during the summer of 2012. Unfortunately, the classrooms in Wyly and Kresge do not yet have this technology, and there are no immediate plans to renovate those rooms. You're still able to record lectures in Kresge and EE by using an audio-only podcasting solution built into the room.

Getting Started

  1. Log into the Lectern computer with your uniqname and password. The Mediasite system is reliant upon your successful login.
  2. Open any documents or applications you will be showing and arrange them on the appropriate screen(s). If you are in a tiered room, the screen in the center will be captured, if you are in a flat room, the left screen will be captured. This screen capture process happens any time there is a significant screen change (like advancing a bulleted list, or going to a new slide).
  3. The in-room lapel (lavaliere) microphone must be worn and turned on in order to record audio.

Begin the Recording

  1. On the lectern screen, touch "Record."
  2. You will be presented with the following screen. By default, recordings are scheduled according to your room reservation times, with an additional 10 minutes after. This is just in case you forgot to press the "Stop recording" button later. You can adjust or change any of this information by touching it an using the on-screen keyboard. Press "Next" to continue.
  3. A message will appear that reads "Please wait while your recording is scheduled." It is normal for this to take some time.
  4. When the next screen appears, use the "+10 mins" or "-10 mins" to add or subtract ten minutes from the scheduled stop time, if desired (circled in red below).
  5. You can preview your camera angle by tapping the "Camera Preview" tab (circled in red in the lower right portion of the screenshot below). You can change the camera angle with one of the pre-programmed shots by tapping the "Wide Shot," "Lectern View," or "Writing Surfaces View," or do it manually by using the arrows (triangular buttons) and the zoom buttons (the scaled, faceless models).
  6. Start your recording by tapping the "Start Recording" button (circled in red, to the right of the camera angle controls, above).
  7. The "Start Recording" button changes to "Stop Recording." Begin your lecture or presentation as normal. Clicking the "Close" button in the lower right portion of the recording window will close these controls and allows you to use the lectern while the recording continues.
  8. You'll know your recording is in progress by the "Recording in Progress" indication in the top right corner of the lectern screen (seen below.)
  9. At any time, press the "Show Recording Controls" button (to the immediate left of the "Recording in Progress" indicator) to return to the recording control screen.

Ending the Recording

Your recording will end based on the room reservation time or time you input during step 2 in the section above. You can also manually end or pause the recording. Pausing the recording instead of stopping makes it so you don't generate more than one recording file. For example, when you have a break during the class, or if you have students separate into groups for a short time.

You can pause the recording by going back into the recording control screen and tapping "Pause Recording." Pressing the same button again will resume the recording.

Similarly, you can use the same screen to manually stop your recording by pressing "Stop Recording."

You will see a confirmation warning asking if you really want to stop the recording. Pressing "Confirm" will stop the recording.

Access and Organize Your Lecture Captures (after the recording has taken place)

All Faculty, Staff and PhD students have a directory in the Mediasite management portal.  The system will determine where to place your recording depending on the uniqname used to log in to the lectern.  You can then log in to the management portal to obtain a link to distribute to view the recording.  Use the links "Managing Your Mediasite Recordings" and "Sharing Your Mediasite Recordings" in the side-bar to learn more.