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Frequently Asked Questions

  Newly Admitted Questions


  What do I need to do first?

What is iMpact?

Does iMpact have an app for mobile devices?

  Configuring Technology Questions

How do I connect to the Ross wireless network?

How can I use the printers at Ross?

How can I check my student printing balance?

How do I set-up my U-M email on my mobile device or phone?

Where can I get more information about my University supplied Google account?

Is there someone at Ross I can contact if I have technology related questions?

How do I change my U-M password?

Is there a way I can see my iMpact calendar and my Google calendar as one?

How can I control the slew of information that arrives in my inbox from different clubs, organizations and departments at Ross?

  Student Resource Questions
  Where can I go to borrow equipment like video cameras, conference phones and other gadgets?

Is there somewhere I can work with and edit video and audio for class assignments?

What kind of tools are at my disposal for file storage, sharing, and collaboration?

Is there a public computer lab with some of the special software I'll need for certain classes, like SPSS, StratSim, Prowess, Cystal Ball, or Palisade Decision Tools?

Where can I buy student-discounted software and computers/tablets on campus?

  Courses and Study Questions
  Where can I find the web sites for my courses?

My instructor wants me to bring a face/name card to class... how do I make one?

How do I let my instructor know I can't make it to class?

How do I reserve a Ross group study room?

What if my team wants to meet virtually?

  Kresge Library and Research Questions
  What kind of database does the Kresge Library have?

What journals does Kresge Library have online?

What other search tools are there?

Does the Kresge Library has its own FAQ page?

How do I contact Kresge Library staff for assistance?

  Student Life Questions
  Where at Ross can I grab a coffee or a bite to eat?

Can I rent a locker at Ross?

How do I join the Ross fitness center?

Where can I find out more about student clubs?

Where can I turn for career advice and guidance?

How can I get personalized items like Ross business cards, nametags and name tents?