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Registration Information for Summer & Fall 2014: Incoming MMs, Class of 2015

To learn more about the process for course registration for Summer & Fall 2014, be sure to carefully review the information below!

Schedule Planning

Core Classes: What to build your schedule around

Master of Management students take 6.75 credits of core classes in the Summer half-term and 9 credits of core classes in the Fall term (4.5 in Fall A and 4.5 in Fall B). Please see the Core Curriculum page for a program layout.


ACC 557.201: Evaluating Financial Performance (2.25 cr)
FIN 557.201: Financial Management (2.25 cr) 
MKT 557.201: Marketing Management (2.25 cr)


BE 557.001:
 Applied Microeconomics (2.25 cr)
MO 557.001: Positive Leadership & Organizing (2.25 cr)
STRATEGY 557.001: Strategy (2.25 cr)
TO 557.001:  Applied Business Statistics & Analytics (2.25 cr)

Electives: What classes to take in addition to core

Students only need to register for their core classes in the Summer term, but should register for both their core classes and an elective for the Fall term. Because MM students are required to successfully complete 6.0 credits of approved electives during their program in order to fulfill degree requirements, we recommend taking 3.0 credits of electives during the Fall term to remain on track to graduate. Please keep in mind that electives cannot conflict with your core course schedule and that Ross students are not permitted to take Ross classes on a Pass/Fail basis (unless the course is mandatory Pass/Fail). A list of approved Fall electives is included below, each with a link to their course description. None of these classes conflict with the MM core schedule, but pay close attention to the section number listed.

Tip: Some Ross classes run on half-terms (first 7-week, second 7-week) and others run throughout the full term (14 weeks). We refer to first 7-week classes as "A" classes and second 7-week classes as "B" classes. 

Approved Fall 2014 Electives:

Key: AREA CatalogNumber.SectionNumber: Title (credits)

Course Information: What courses are being offered & when

The schedule of classes for Summer & Fall is available on Wolverine Access and on the University Registrar's Office website, which has a helpful .CSV file version that can be downloaded and sorted for specific units, days, and times. Course descriptions are available on iMpact based on term and area of study. Please take time to review the schedule and add classes to your backpack before registration opens.

Textbooks: What classroom resources are needed

Textbook and other course requirements are typically available on each course's CTools page or on Wolverine Access. 


MM students will use the general registration process on Wolverine Access to add their core class and electives. Please refer to How to Add & Drop Classes or the Student Business help menu for detailed registration instructions.

Backpacking: How to prepare before your appointment time for class registration

You can begin to add any additional classes you are interested in taking to your "Backpack" in Wolverine Access. Backpacking courses allows you to quickly add those classes all at once when your registration appointment time opens. Be aware that backpacking does not reserve a seat for you in the class - it is simply a way to put the course in your "shopping cart" so that you can "check-out" quickly. If a class in your backpack does not have room available when your registration time opens, you may have to waitlist yourself, and/or select an alternate open class.

Registration Appointment: When to register for classes

Registration opens June 3rd at 10:00am (EST).  Students must register for their Summer core classes by Wednesday, June 25 to avoid late registration fees. Although you don't need to register at the exact time your registration appointment time opens, a select number of seats are reserved for MM students in approved Fall electives and they are likely to fill quickly. If the elective you're interested in is closed and a waitlist has been generated (the status will show as a yellow triangle in Wolverine Access), please add yourself to the waitlist at your earliest convenience. Our office will be monitoring the waitlist and issuing permissions for MM students. Any remaining unused seats will be released August 15. You can continue to make changes to your schedule via Wolverine Access until the drop/add deadlines

Summer half-term: Wednesday, July 9
Fall A half-term: Monday, September 15
Fall regular term: Monday, September 22
Fall B half-term: Monday, November 10

If you need to disenroll from the term for some reason, please be sure to contact the MM program office and our office as soon as possible. The last day to disenroll without additional fees is Wednesday, June 25, and the last day to withdraw from all courses with only the assessment of a registration and disenrollment fee is Wednesday, July 9.

Wolverine Access: What other resources are available to me

Wolverine Access is the University website that maintains course registration, student records, address updates, and more. Using your uniqname and password, you can drop or add classes, check your registration or grades, update your address, and request transcripts. If you have questions about how to use or perform certain functions in Wolverine Access, you can search the Help Menu for detailed step-by-step instructions and tips.



Most information about Ross classes, registration processes, and resources are available on iMpact. Use the search bar on the top right of the page to find specific information.

Academic Services: 

For quick questions relating to registration and other processes (add/drop forms, permissions, standard letter requests, etc.), please stop by W3700 during walk-in hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30 - 11:00AM & 1:30 - 3:00PM. For other questions, please contact our office at 734.647.4933 or rossacadservices@umich.edu.

Academic Advising:

If you have questions regarding course selection or degree requirements, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor through our Academic Counseling appointment system. You can also meet with an Academic Advisor during Academic Advising Walk-in hours (Monday-Tuesday 10:00 AM -12:00 PM and Wednesday-Thursday 2:00-4:00 PM in W3700) for quick advising questions and urgent issues.