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Preferred Admit BBAs, class of 2018: Registration Information for Fall 2015

As you prepare for registration, we expect you will schedule an appointment with your Ross Academic Advisor to discuss your academic goals and plan for Fall 2015. Also, be sure to review all of the information below carefully!

PA Requirements for Admission to the BBA: On Your Mark

Q. What Academic Requirements do I need to complete to retain my Sophomore BBA Admission?
A. Preferred Admit BBAs must meet the following requirements during freshman year (Fall 2014-Winter 2015) at U-M in order to retain admission to the BBA Program:
  1. Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.300 or higher by the end of Winter 2015 term. 
  • GPAs are not rounded up from 3.299. 
  1. Earn at least 27 credits at U-M, each with a grade of C or better, during Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 terms combined. 
  • Preferred Admit students are expected to take classes on a graded basis (unless the class has a mandatory Credit/No Credit basis) to meet the 27 credit requirement.
  • AP, IB, A-level, and transfer credits do not count toward the 27 required credits. 
  • Courses in the Officer Education Program do not count toward the 27 required credits unless they are cross-listed in another U-M department. 
  • Courses in the School of Kinesiology do not count toward the 27 required credits unless listed as an exception in item 3 under "Non-LSA Course Work" on LSA's Newnan Academic Advising Center website. 
  • Students who receive only 2 credits in Math 105 after taking Math 103 are considered to have earned 4 credits in Math 105 for the sake of meeting our admission requirements.
  • May course trips (e.g., STRAT 320 and Business Law 304) offered through Ross Global Initiatives will not count towards the 27 credit admission requirement.
  1. Complete the following course requirements at U-M, each with a grade of C or better, by the end of Winter 2015:
  • First-Year Writing Requirement (FYWR) as approved through the LSA Sweetland Writing Center
    • ENGR 100 does NOT fulfill the First-Year Writing Requirement. 
    • AP/IB/A-level credit does NOT fulfill the First-Year Writing Requirement.
  • any course in Calculus I, II, or III
    • AP credit for Calculus I or II (Math 120 or 121) will substitute. 
    • IB or A-level credit for UM Calculus I, II, or III will substitute.
  • ECON 101 - Principles of Economics I
    • IB or A-level credit for ECON 101 will substitute.
    • AP credit does NOT substitute.

Registration Planning: Get Ready

General registration will open in early April for undergraduates, but the University catalog and schedule of classes for Fall 2015 will be available starting March 2. Be sure to review the schedule and the information below before registration opens. 
Q. What business core will I take in Fall 2015?
A. When your registration appointment opens, you will need to select an open seat in each of the following courses:
  • ACC 300: Financial Accounting (3.0 credits)
    • Register for the SAME section  # as your TO 301 section election (if not already completed).
  • BA 200: Businesses & Leaders: The Positive Differences (3.0 credits)
    • Register for any open discussion section.  Note: The BA 200 lecture meets on Mondays at 1:00-2:30 PM in Blau Auditorium.  R2310 will be used as an overflow room if seats in Blau Auditorium fill.
  • TO 301: Business Analytics and Statistics (4.0 credits)
    • Register for the SAME section # as your ACC 300 section election.
Be sure to select the same course section number for both your ACC 300 and TO 301 core courses (e.g., if you register for ACC 300.001, you will then also need to register for TO 301.001). Selecting the same section for both courses will enable you to develop a network and community with the larger BBA program, which is a critical component of your Ross experience. You may register for any open section of BA 200 as this course will include students across all BBA sections.
For additional information on registration: view the PA Registration Presentation here.
Q. When should I take Econ 102?
A. Econ 102 must be completed by the end of Junior winter term (Winter 2017) at the latest.  The timing of this course will vary from student to student, so you are encouraged to consult with your Ross Academic Advisor to determine the best semester for you to enroll in the course.  Please note that the transfer credit policy for this course has recently been updated, so that students are now eligible to transfer approved ECON 102 credit from another institution during spring/summer 2015 and 2016.  Check with your academic advisor and be sure to submit the transfer credit pre-evaluation form prior to enrolling in any spring/summer classes, to ensure the course is conforming to all transfer credit policies. Online courses are not permitted.
Q. How many classes should I plan to add in addition to my core?
A. Sophomore BBA students will take 10 credits of core (ACC 300, BA 200, and TO 301) in Fall 2015, so you'll be looking to add between 2-5 credits of coursework in addition to the core. Most incoming BBAs will therefore add one additional class to their Fall schedule to complete the recommended average of 12-15 credits per semester. Keep in mind that the first semester in the BBA program is an adjustment, so don't overdo it. 
Q. Should I be adding business electives or floating core to my fall schedule?
A. No. During the Fall semester, incoming Sophomore BBAs will focus on adjusting to Ross and their required BBA core classes while completing LSA distribution (be sure to use the LSA Course Guide to verify which classes meet the main distribution areas – FL, NS/MSA, SS, and HU) and/or other degree requirements (e.g., Econ 102). Sophomore BBAs will be eligible to enroll in floating core and select business electives starting in Winter 2016.
Q. I want to have a "concentration." What electives do I need to take?
A. Remember that Ross does not have official concentrations or majors. As a BBA, you are required to take a minimum of 58 credits of Ross coursework, which includes all the business core classes. You will have the flexibility to select the electives that will best align with your interests and goals. Information on electives is available online, and you can meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss options you are considering as you plan ahead. We recommend that Sophomores focus on their required core classes and completing distribution and ECON 102 first; information about specific business electives open to Sophomore BBAs in the Winter 2016 semester will be available prior to Winter registration.

Backpack and Registration: Get Set, Go!

You will register for your Fall 2015 courses on Wolverine Access using the University’s general registration process. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are currently completing the appropriate requirements to be eligible for the BBA program and are registering for the Fall BBA core (see above).

Q. Do I need to use the backpack feature on Wolverine Access before registration opens?
It is recommended that you do, but it is not required. Beginning March 25, you can start to add classes to your "Backpack" in Wolverine Access. Backpacking courses allows you to quickly add those classes all at once when your registration appointment time opens. However, be aware that backpacking does not reserve a seat for you in the class - it is simply a way to put the course in your "shopping cart" so that you can "check-out" quickly. If a class in your backpack does not have room available when your registration time opens, you may have to waitlist yourself, and/or select an alternate open class at that time.

Q. When is my registration appointment time?
The University assigns registration appointment times for undergraduate students between April 6 through April 21. The times are determined by the credits completed, and then are randomly assigned. (You can read more about how registration times are assigned here.) You can view your assigned time on Wolverine Access starting March 25.

Q. Do I have to register exactly at my appointment time, and when does my registration close?
You do not need to register exactly at your appointment time, but some classes will fill quickly, or seats may be opened to non-Ross students after registration has been open for a week or more, so it is to your advantage to register when your appointment time opens. Once your appointment time opens, you can continue to make changes until the drop/add deadlines for Fall 2015.

Q. What if I have questions about finalizing my schedule?
A.  You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your Ross Academic Advisor here.
For quick advising questions or urgent issues, stop by:
  • Academic Advising Walk-In Hours, Monday - Friday, 2:30 - 4 p.m. in W3700

Special Fall Registration Winter Garden Hours:

  • Fall Registration Help Table, 3/10 from 10-12, 3/30 11-1, 3/31 3-5, 4/8 & 4/16 11-2 in the Winter Garden.

Next Steps: Summer

Q. Do I need to do anything over the summer?
A. YES. You will need to officially "accept" your admission, so that the appropriate systems recognize that you are a BBA student.
Q. Am I required to attend BBA Orientation?
A. Yes. BBA Orientation is MANDATORY for all incoming Sophomore BBAs, including Preferred Admits, so be sure to make your travel plans accordingly! BBA Orientation will take place in early September, prior to the start of the term.  Dates are TBD and students will be informed of dates and details at a later time.
Q. Do I need to fill out any paperwork for Ross to "transfer" my classes from this year?
A. No, unless you will take coursework outside of UM - Ann Arbor this summer. In July/early August, we will work with the Registrar's Office to "move" your Fall 2015 registration from your current school (e.g., LSA, Engineering, Music.) to Ross. At this time, we will also transfer all of your UM - Ann Arbor coursework completed through Summer 2015 to your Ross record. If you are taking coursework outside of UM - Ann Arbor this summer, be sure to request that an official transcript be sent directly to Ross.
Q.  I have over 45 credits completed, but I know that Ross will only accept a maximum of 45 transfer credits. Do I have to tell Ross which of my credits I want to be part of this 45?
A. No, Ross will process ALL classes that meet our transfer credit requirements but will cap the total credits toward program (CTP) count at 45. This means that as long as the courses are accepted by Ross, we will use all classes on your record that fulfill requirements such as distribution.
Q. Can I take courses during the Spring or Summer? Can I take them outside of UM - Ann Arbor?
A. Yes. Keep in mind that Ross will transfer a maximum of 45 credits toward the BBA program, and any spring/summer coursework is included in that 45 cap. See below for specifics about coursework at UM - Ann Arbor or away.
  1. UM - Ann Arbor coursework: Incoming BBA students can take courses at UM - Ann Arbor during the Spring and Summer terms; simply register for them on Wolverine Access during the general registration period in April.
  1. Non-UM coursework: Incoming BBA students can also take non-business coursework outside of UM - Ann Arbor at an accredited community college or 4-year institution in Spring or Summer 2015, but need to be aware of the specific rules/policies for transfer credits. Students should submit a Transfer Credit: Preliminary Evaluation form to Ross for pre-approval and have an official transcript sent directly to Ross upon completion of the transfer coursework. 
  • Transfer credit evaluation: Ross generally follows LSA guidelines for which courses/schools will transfer to U-M, with the exception that they cannot be Business courses. (ECON 102, while required for our curriculum, is an LSA course, so it may be taken outside of UM - Ann Arbor) You should review the central campus course equivalency database BEFORE REGISTERING to ensure that the courses you are considering taking outside of U-M are accepted by U-M, and will transfer as an exact U-M ECON 102 equivalent (not 102X or Departmental Credit).  Note: Macroeconomics courses completed online are not transferable to the Ross School of Business or the University of Michigan.

Important Rules and Policies: What You Need to Know

It is each student's responsibility to review the course registration rules and policies carefully. Preferred Admit students should also be aware of the course registration rules and policies in their home school.

Q. I still have questions. Is there someone I can talk to?
A. Ross Preferred Admit students are encouraged to schedule a BBA Freshman Advising appointment with their Ross Academic Advisor. You may also visit Academic Advising Walk-in hours, Monday-Friday from 2:30-4 p.m. in W3700 for quick questions or urgent concerns.