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Preferred Admit BBAs, class of 2018

Welcome to the Ross School of Business Preferred Admission Program at the University of Michigan! 

The Ross Academic Advising Team (pictured above) is looking forward to meeting you this summer and working with you throughout your time at Michigan.  Please review these FAQs about Ross and Academic Advising as you start to plan for your first year:

1. Preferred Admission Advising at Ross

What is Preferred Admission advising at Michigan? Preferred Admit students have access to academic advising through their home school and the Ross School of Business and should plan to meet regularly with both advisors during their first year. Academic Advisors help you explore your interests and set goals; advise you on degree requirements, academic options (minors, study abroad and dual degrees), and course load; review your academic plan; and provide support through any challenges.

You'll have the opportunity to connect with Ross academic advisors during orientation.  Preferred Admission students may also schedule an in-person, skype or phone appointment with Ross Academic Advising through this link (http://www.bus.umich.edu/impact/CounselingCalendar/AcademicServices/).

2. Summer Orientation at Ross

What happens at Ross summer orientation? On the third day of your on campus orientation, you will attend a Ross orientation session at 11:00 AM in the Ross Building (if you selected one of our designated Preferred Admit Orientation sessions). Orientation will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the PA Program and BBA Curriculum, meet other PA students and connect with the Ross Academic Advisors and the PA Program Coordinator.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have during this session. If you are not registered for a designated Preferred Admit Orientation date, be sure to connect with your Ross advisor to schedule time to talk and get your questions answered.

3. Preferred Admission Requirements

What Academic Requirements do I need to complete to retain my BBA Admission? Preferred Admit BBAs must meet the requirements outlined here: (http://www.bus.umich.edu/admissions/UndergraduatePrograms/admissions/hsRequirements.htm) during freshman year (Fall 2014-Winter 2015) at Michigan in order to retain admission to the BBA Program.  Be sure to connect with Ross Academic Advising if you have any questions about these requirements. 

4. BBA Curriculum

How can I find out more about the BBA Curriculum? While you will spend your first year at Michigan taking a broad range of courses on campus and completing Ross prerequisite requirements, if you want to start looking ahead you can check out the BBA curriculum page here: http://www2.bus.umich.edu/MyiMpact/academics/core/BBA#2014. Ross academic advisors can be great resources for answering curriculum questions and helping you develop a course plan that supports your academic goals.