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Core Course Requirements - Full-time MBA

First Year

The first year of the Ross MBA program immerses students in our broad based business core curriculum, and concludes with a seven-week Multidisciplinary Action Project - or MAP - enabling students to apply what they’ve learned in a real-life business situation. Students take their core courses in cohort sections.

Note:  Core courses must be taken in the prescribed order. Students cannot drop core courses.

Fall A
ACC 502: Prin of Fin. Accounting (2.25 cr)
BE 502: Applied Microeconomics (2.25 cr)
TO 502: Applied Business Statistics (2.25 cr) 1
STRATEGY 502: Corporate Strategy (2.25 cr)
Finance 513 Optional (2.25 cr) 2
Winter A
ACC 552: Managerial Accounting (2.25 cr)
TO 552: Operations Management (2.25 cr) 1
Optional Business Electiveor Degree Requirement
Fall B
FIN 503: Financial Mngmt (2.25 cr)
MKT 503: Marketing Mngmt (2.25 cr)
MO 503: Leading People and Organizations (2.25 cr)
Optional Business Electiveor Degree Requirement
Winter B
BA 553: Multidisciplinary Action Projects (7.5 cr) 3


  1. Effective Winter 2013, BIT 551 has been renamed TO 601, OMS 501 has been renamed TO 501, and OMS 551 has been renamed TO 551. 
  2. FIN 513 is offered for students pursuing a career in finance. Students may apply to take this class if they have waived ACC 502. FIN 513 fulfills the Finance core requirement. Students who pass FIN 513 do not take FIN 503 in Fall B. (For MBA students admitted in 2013, FIN 603 (3.0 cr) was offered as the Fast Track in Finance course and also fulfills the Finance core requirement.)
  3. During Winter B of the first year, students participate in MAP (BA 553 - Multidisciplinary Action Projects). Students do not take additional coursework while enrolled in MAP due to time obligations and intensive group work, regardless of the MAP assignment location. We have identified a very few classes which do not require traditional class attendance during the MAP time frame, and these classes are the only exceptions to this MAP policy.

Second Year (return to top)

The second year of the Ross MBA program allows students the freedom to customize their experience by selecting from a wide range of elective course work. A few final degree requirements (in addition to the year one sequenced core courses) are typically completed during the second year; however, these requirements are flexible, and can be completed at any time throughout the two-year program.
Students must take enough coursework to complete 57 total graduate credit hours during their two years here at Ross.

  1. Of the 57 credits, at least 25 may be taken as electives. Elective classes may be 1.5, 2.25, or 3.0 credits. Students may choose to focus on one functional area or may tailor their experience by combining various functions for a more broad based management curriculum. At least 47 of the 57 credits must be made up of Business Administration coursework. To view examples of courses offered in the subject areas at Ross, click on the links below:
    Accounting Business Law Marketing
    Business Administration Entrepreneurial Studies Strategy
    Business Communication Finance Technology & Operations
    Business Economics Management & Organizations  
  2. MBA students may also choose to broaden their experience by electing up to 10 hours of graduate study in other units of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor campus).


Additional Degree Requirements: (return to top)

  1. Competing in the Global Business Environment (STRATEGY 503 - 1.5 credits) core course which must be completed during the two year program. This course was formerly titled "World Economy." 
  2. Law/Ethics: This requirement can be met by waiver request or by taking ONE of a selection of courses at any time during the two years. (Students who have earned a Juris Doctor degree are automatically waived from this requirement.) The following courses will satisfy the Law/Ethics requirement: BL (LHC/ES) 504, BL (LHC) 506, BL (LHC) 507, BL (LHC) 508, BL (LHC) 509, BL (LHC) 511, BL (LHC) 512, BL (LHC) 513, BL (LHC) 514, BL (LHC) 515, BL (LHC) 516, BL (LHC) 517, BL (LHC) 536, or BL (LHC) 582. Note that these classes, formerly in the LHC department, are now in the Business Law (BL) department.
  3. Communication Requirement: To help develop communication skills, all students must fulfill the Communication Requirement.  This requirement can be satisfied by passing a waiver exam or with course work. Students must complete ONE of the following options:
    1. Complete any one of the following classes: BCOM (LHC) 520, BCOM (LHC) 521, BCOM (LHC) 522, BCOM (LHC) 524, or BCOM (LHC) 560. Note that these classes, formerly in the LHC department, are now in the Business Communication (BCOM) department.
    2. Pass the Communication Waiver Exam: Offered near the start of each Fall term (typically in July/August). Full-Time MBA students (including all MBA Duals) can take the Communication Waiver Exam at any point during their education in the MBA program. Students who have not successfully completed the assessment will need to fulfill the Communication requirement with course work.