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BBA Grade Requirements


GPA Requirement for Graduation

Two cumulative grade averages are computed by dividing grade points earned by credit hours attempted while enrolled at Ross.

  1. The first average includes all courses (those offered by both the Ross School and other University of Michigan units), which have been elected for grades during the BBA Program.
  2. The second average includes only courses offered by Ross. Each of the averages must be maintained at 2.00 or higher for the student to be in good academic standing or to meet degree requirements.

If either of the cumulative averages described above falls below 2.00 after their final term, a student is not eligible to receive the BBA degree.

Academic Probation

If either of the cumulative averages described above falls below 2.000, a student will be placed on Academic Probation or required to withdraw from the program, depending on the circumstances of each individual case. Students may also be placed on Academic Probation if a term GPA falls below 2.000.

Students who fail any core course will automatically be placed on Academic Probation. When a core class is failed, students must repeat the course to meet degree requirements. Students have one chance to re-take the class and receive a passing grade. If the core class is failed a second time, the student is withdrawn from the program (subject to appeal for extenuating circumstances). The grade received when the course is retaken is averaged with the original failing grade to determine the student’s scholastic average.

Students placed on Academic Probation may have restrictions placed on their ability to register for future courses, and they will have to meet certain requirements in order to be taken off Academic Probation. These restrictions and requirements are determined by Ross Academic Standards Committee and will be communicated to the student in writing.

Note that students on academic or disciplinary probation are not in good standing until the conditions of their probation are met. Probation status will impact any scholarship support.

The Ross Academic Standards Committee considers withdrawal in all cases where either of the cumulative averages falls below 1.500 at the end of the first term of the junior year, or below 1.750 at the end of the second term of the junior year, or below 1.950 at the end of the third term of the senior year, or below 2.000 at the end of the final term. Students who have been required to withdraw may petition to be readmitted in a subsequent term. The appeal must contain documentation as to why circumstances have changed, to allow for successful completion of their degree.